Fashion Queen

What’s your name ?

  • you can call me Je-an :)

How old are you ?

  • 17

Where are you from ?

  • Philippines

Do you follow back ?

  • Nope. I used to follow back everyone but my dash went cluttered with a bunch of different posts. 
  • I will first check out your blog (but don’t ask me if you’re not even following me it’s rude) :) just TA me :D

How many people are you following ?

  • 100 + adorable blogs :)

How many followers do you have ?

  • 4 digits :) the number changes everyday :)

Why did you unfollow me ?

  • Because your blog is inactive for a month or cannot relate to your post anymore or you unfollow me first.

When do you start you blog ?

  • November 12, 2010 but i become a fashion blog about May 2011

Will you vote for me ?

  • Sure just TA me :)
Promo for Promo?
  • If we follow each other why not

Where did you get your theme ?